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  1. Rotary Numbering Machine
  2. Morgana FSN vacuum feed, rotary numbering unit. Numbering, perforating, scoring and slitting.

Morgana FSN vacuum feed, rotary numbering unit. Numbering, perforating, scoring and slitting.

Ref: AMSGM 609
Morgana FSN1
Morgana FSN2
Morgana FSN

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The FSN Suction Fed Rotary Numbering Machine has a powerful suction feeder that will feed a wide range of paper weights. Positive control of the paper from feed to delivery ensures unmatched and consistent register of numbering action.

The sheet spacing system uses electronic pulses to feed the paper and the bottom feed, top leading operation allows non-stop production.

The fastest way to make a great impression.

The Morgana FRN 5 and FSN Rotary Numbering Machine, offer state-of-the-art design, rugged construction and stand-alone operation - freeing you from time consuming numbering on-press.

Their rotary action delivers tremendous productivity gains because numbering, perforating, scoring or slitting can be accomplished without the sheet stopping. And you are assured of sequential numbering because the machines will not cycle until the sheets or sets are presented to the machine.

With their high productivity and unmatched numbering quality, it is no surprise that Morgana numberers can make a great impression on your profitability.

Rotary numbering sets the standards

All Morgana numbering machines use rotary numbering action. The operating principles are similar to those used on litho presses. 'Pointcontact' ensures superb quality on single sheets and unmatched definition when crashing through multi-part sets. Simple adjustment to the platen pressure compensates for varying stock thicknesses. Morgana numberers feature adjustable numbering position whilst the machines are in operation. Numbering, perforating, scoring or slitting can be accomplished in ONE pass through the machine and without the sheets stopping.

Speed: 9000 sph
Dimensions: L 1340mm x W 781mm x H 1050mm
Electrical Requirements: 240v 50hz
Product Weight: 162kgs

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